What a summer it has been, welcoming back so many customers and meeting new customers in the glorious sunshine! We had guests from as far away as Canada, Germany and Australia. They were all amazed at the peace and tranquillity of our part of the broads and by the extraordinary amount of wildlife they saw. Things have got much quieter at the boatyard and although it has cooled its still warm for the time of year and there have been some fabulous sailing conditions. We hire our traditional broads sailing yachts out until the first week in November for some hardy souls!

We have so many great memories its really hard to pick just one photo.


Dreamtimes first hire of the season.

Here are some photos of Dreamtime and her crew setting off. She is a spacious yacht sleeping 5 very comfortably. This year she has a new drive shaft and the area around the sink has been improved. Her red sails are well known on the broads.


A gentle evening sail up the river Thurne.

This is a video is of a beautiful summers evening sailing on the river Thurne, the light was amazing. There was not much wind but you can see we were still making good progress.

Boating holidays on the Norfolk broads are the best way to experience their stunning beauty.

Sailing on Hickling Broad with the family.

Hickling is one of our favourite places to sail, one or two hours sail away from Martham Ferry boat yard and the start of your holiday. The waterside pub, Pleasure Boat Inn is a quite place to spend a night or two and if you buy drinks from the pub your mooring is free. The pub offers a tasty range of good pub food, reasonably priced. 

(Nick is sailing with our son and his girl friend.)

Racing and Fun! Barton Regatta 6th-13th October 2018

Every year on Barton broad the traditional Norfolk broads sailing holiday companies, get together and organise a 4 day regatta, racing the hire yachts, with social events in the evenings, prize giving dinner and lots of trophies!

Whether you race regularly or are race novice you will be looked after very well. The atmosphere and camaraderie is wonderful. 

Its fab way to improve your sailing skills and a wonderful way to get to know other broads sailors

If you are interested please feel free to ring us for more information or you can book though Oliver's Sailing Holidays on-line booking system.



Broads Sailing Association.


The local Sailing Holiday Companies are working together to promote traditional sailing holidays on the Norfolk Broads.

Below are some photos of the fun weekend spent together in the Norwich Forum promoting our sailing holidays.

We were able to bring ‘Swallow’ the wooden dinghy used in the 1975 film production of “Swallows & Amazons”. She looked stunning and stole the show.

Andy from Eastwood Whelpton and Ian from Martham Boats got chatting to a Mermaid from a fellow diving school exhibiter, the rest is history check out the photos!


Yachting on the beautiful inland waters of Hickling Broad.

Hickling dinghy sailing 2.jpg

The Norfolk Broads consists of 120 miles of lakes and rivers. Hickling is one of the lakes or broads as they are called, it is a stunning place to sail, being a haven for wild life.  The Pleasure Boat Inn overlooks the broad, it has overnight moorings (free if you eat at the pub), and the Nature reserve at Hickling is a wonderful day out.

Over 50% of our 2016 customers came back in 2017!

"Over 50% of our 2016 customers came back in 2017"

Birthday Celebrations.

We have been sent these lovely photos of a customers celebrating a very special birthday. They had not sailing on the Norfolk broads before and were surprised how much they enjoyed it, they are planning to come back before the end of this season! 

March on the Norfolk Broads.

Yesterday we took Bright Spark from Belaugh to Martham Ferry. It was the most stunning day, blue sky, so much wildlife and hardly any other boats on the water. It took about five hours sailing and motoring. Below are some of the photos that we were able to take, some while sailing!

 Norfolk Broads

Norfolk Broads

 Potter Heigham

Potter Heigham

 Mask down in plenty of time to go under Potter Heigham bridge.

Mask down in plenty of time to go under Potter Heigham bridge.

Rainy Days.

Hickling Broad.

I am often asked by my friends who do not sail "what do you do on a sailing holiday if it rains" 

The lovely thing about no internet and life on a boat is that it is the perfect place to read a good book, chill out and chat, play cards or board games, watch the wild life going past or of course go to the pub!  Rainy days can be wonderfull.

Put on the wet weather gear and go sailing!
— Nick
 Bright Spark

Bright Spark

The Ferry Boat Inn, Hickling.

Wild life on the Norfolk Broads.

Astrid aged 7 made a tally of the birds and other wildlife she spotted on her three day holiday.  As you can see below she very kindly sent us a copy. There was an amazing variety and amount considering the season, including three baby Herons and a Cormorant. There is an extraordinarily cocky Cormorant who roosts in the tree at Ludham overlooking all the boats. I believe the Blue Falcon are an aerobatic display team, not sure if they qualify as wildlife. Thank you so much for this Astrid.


Lowering The Mast On A Traditional Norfolk Broads Sailing Cruiser.

We love to receive photos and videos from our customers. These customers have very kindly agreed to let us post this video of them lowering the mast on Bright Spark. They lower the mast a little quicker than we would recommend but its a great video!

The Flag!

Here is a photo of Astrid with her fabulous flag, which she designed and made herself. Astrid had done such a good job of making the flag that it remained hoist their entire holiday. We think that it really added something to the character of Bright Spark and were very sad to see it come down at the end of their stay. 

 Astrid with her flag.

Astrid with her flag.

First Post About Our Sailing Holidays.

As we come to the end of what has been a very busy sailing season on The Broads and I thought it was time I sat down and started our blog.

We have enjoyed meeting all our customers who come from many different walks of life but all adore sailing! This weekend we have a Dad and his three children hiring a sailing boat. I had a wonderful email from them telling me that one of the children had made a triangle shaped flag that they were hoping to hoist! I wonder if it will be a pirate flag. Hope that they have a fabulous Swallows and Amazons weekend.

 Traditional Norfolk broads sailing holiday cruiser.

Traditional Norfolk broads sailing holiday cruiser.