Norfolk Sailing Experience.

By Lola (age 12)

The past day has been extremely fun! We woke up bright and early, from our very comfortable beds and had a delicious breakfast. We were very surprised at the ovens ability to cook delicious bacon from the hamper. We took off the cover and started sailing as soon as we got dressed. The river was beautiful in the morning, and we soon reached a broad. It was perfect conditions for sailing and we were zipping along! We soon had to stop for lunch, which we had outside in the sun-it was an incredible setting to eat the yummy cottage pie. We sailed for the rest of the afternoon, long the river and around the broads. It got quite dark, and and we had to find a place to moor. The broads look ethereal at night. We found a lovely secluded place and put the cover back on. Supper was again really delicious- Macaroni cheese, and we gladly got back into our beds, and told ghost stories. but we were all so tired we went to sleep quite quickly with the rain gently catering on the roof.